Next Fall

When Adam sees Luke praying to his sandwich early on in their relationship, his Christian beliefs are brought out in to the open. Non religious Next Fall examines the relationship between two men in New York with opposite feelings about god. Adam has some obvious questions including “how can god love you when you are […]

Great Britain

  It’s not overstating things to say that playwright Richard Bean is currently on something of a roll. His massive hit One Man, Two Guvnors is currently on its second UK tour, his historical drama Pitcairn is at the Globe, the Park Theatre recently hosted an enjoyable revival of his debut play Toast and we’re […]

West End Heroes

Arriving at the Dominion Theatre amongst the vast hoards of people, I realise this is going to be an evening to remember and it wasn’t until I got the programme that I then realised there were a lot of guest star performers! The evening began with a glorious Fanfare from The Band of the Queen’s […]

Snakes! The Musical

Snakes! The Musical has enjoyed success as a cult hit at Reading and Edinburgh Fringe festivals and has now made it into the West End for a three week run at the Leicester Square Theatre. The concept is a musical about putting on a musical of the b-movie Snakes on a Plane. We, the audience, […]

The Vertical Hour

David Hare is one of my favourite playwrights – intense, awkward dialogue between just two or three people and a discreet drama that comes from nothing more than conversations. They’re real and it’s this that makes them so powerful. Oliver Lucas (Peter Davison) is our narrator, a successful physician who had an accident a few […]

Rudy’s Rare Records

The atmosphere in the Hackney Empire while watching Rudy’s Rare Records was something I very rarely experience at the theatre. Whoops of laughter, clapping after comedic lines deliver their punch, audience members singing along under their breath and even a spot of heckling, it had the feel of watching a sitcom being filmed in front […]

Dizney Rascals

Rebecca Humphries is 27 years old and she fucking loves Disney. Good girl. I’m the same age and I really like Disney too. Handsome princes and fairytale endings – how many girls have sat waiting for their Prince Charming, only to grow up and realise that maybe he just doesn’t exist. In Dizney Rascals, Rebecca […]

An Evening with Patti DuPont

The audience sit awaiting Hollywood legend Patti DuPont (149 films, nine husbands & five facelifts), looking forward to an evening of music and memories of her showbiz life. Suddenly the door crashes open and a strange woman stands upon the stage – Patti’s awkward, stammering daughter who has been sent to fill in as Patti […]

The Love and Devotion of Ridley Smith

Which is more important – morals or money? It sounds like an easy question, but the truth is, sometimes we don’t really get to make that decision. We do what’s best in the circumstances, even though we’re not always convinced. Ridley Smith (Tom Machell) works in the city – a life of stocks, shares, money… […]

Fantastic Mr Fox

The Little Angel Theatre’s small stage is creatively transformed into the woods and farmland of Roald Dahl’s the Fantastic Mr Fox for a puppet adaptation of the story. This is a children’s musical with cider, guns and singing, everything you would expect from a theatre adaptation of the Fantastic Mr Fox. The stars of the first […]

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