How ‘premium’ is premium seating at the theatre?

How premium is premium seating at the theatre? A very good question that I was asked recently. Let’s take The Book Of Mormon as an example because yes, it’s one of the priciest shows out there. Premium stalls seats will set you back a whopping ¬£200 EACH! But look to the back of the stalls […]

Should the West End supply free programmes at shows?

Last month I went to the National Theatre to see a production of Peter Pan. On the way in to the auditorium I noticed a leaflet holder on the wall, with cast lists in it, for people to take as they walk in. It gave details of who was performing in the show as well […]

Should more theatre shows be filmed and released?

Last week I wrote a blog about the illegal filming of theatre shows and whether or not we both love and hate them. Yes it’s illegal and we all hate seeing anyone around us with the bright light of their phone shining in our eyes but we are also the same people who love to […]

Illegal filming at the theatre – do we love or loathe it?

Who’s doesn’t enjoy a lazy afternoon on the sofa, with a cup of tea and a scroll through YouTube? For theatre fans, many of us thrive on being able to watch videos of shows that we love, or would love to see in person but for one reason or another are unable to. This is […]

Sniff sniff, cough cough, ’tis the season to be sick

It always happens doesn’t it. Just before Christmas or another special occasion, you suddenly become struck down with a bug or some other illness that pretty much ruins the occasion. At least with me that’s what happens. A cough, a sniffle, something that you know is bubbling up inside you just waiting for the worst […]

What will we moan about next? Gay actors playing it straight?

2016 seems to have been the year where we threw our toys out of the pram about diversity in theatre. Andrew Lloyd Webber recently expressed concern that there aren’t enough black actors being cast in principal roles in theatre. Sonia Freidman then contradicted this statement by saying it had taken thirty five years to get […]

When is the last time a casting director got a standing ovation?

As a nation, we love to complain. We are British after all and some would say moaning is what we do best! So in the age of social media, being able to whinge to millions of people and find others with like-minded opinions, is a brilliant thing. I blogged last week about¬†the Stacey Soloman story. […]

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