REVIEW: SIMON DAVID: VIRGIN (Hen and Chickens) ★★★★★

It’s not everyday you see a man who has the balls (pun intended) to perform just in a leotard at a pub in Islington on a Thursday night. Simon David then enters on stage. As he calls himself, ‘an unpopped cherry,’ Simon is determined to be the next big pop music sensation. Except there’s one […]

REVIEW: THE FELLOWSHIP (Hen and Chickens) ★★★★★

‘The Fellowship’ opens to the scene of a dimly-lit back room in an Oxford pub, with the sound effect of fire crackling in the hearth. Seconds later, in rushes the character of C.S. Lewis, beautifully dressed and with a faint air of nervousness about him. He is meeting fellow Oxford graduate Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, and […]

REVIEW: An Evening With Cock and Fanny (Hen and Chickens Theatre) ★★

An Evening With Cock and Fanny sees Matthew ‘THE COCK’ Howell and Lauren ‘THE FANNY’ Taylor, a new comedy duo, giving us approximately 40 minutes of sketch comedy. I should start by saying that I am an avid supporter of Fringe theatre, its goals and the opportunities it provides for performers and producers alike. Howell […]

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