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REVIEW: #HONESTAMY (Pleasance Dome) ★★★★

Amy Booth-Steel is a theatre actor – you might even recognise her from the 2008 Andrew Lloyd Webber TV contest to find his next Nancy – however her burgeoning career in the arts was abruptly put on hold five years ago when she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and told she might not live […]

REVIEW: THE SHARK IS BROKEN (Assembly George Square) ★★★★

The Shark is Broken is an insight into the backstage relationships of the three main actors in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws and is based on the diaries of Robert Shaw; in fact, his son is one of the stars and co-writers of this play. The Shark is Broken is set behind the scenes of the filming during the frequent […]

REVIEW: MYRA DUBOIS: DEAD FUNNY (Underbelly, Bristro Square) ★★★★

Myra Dubois is dead! However, through the magic of theatre, she is at the Underbelly hosting her eulogy every day. Yorkshire’s queen of mean is back with her latest show featuring the classic Myra put-downs that we all love her for, as well as some original songs and a brief insight into her pre-showbiz life, […]

REVIEW: AGATHA IS MISSING! (Gilded Balloon) ★★★

Agatha Christie has gone missing, presumed dead, and everyone in the audience is a suspect. It falls to super sleuth Miss Clarissa Marbles to lead the investigation to get to the bottom of this interactive murder mystery. The context having been set, Miss Marbles sets about interrogating members of the audience; each of whom are […]


Witches be trippin’. Witches be cray. Witches be just nice old ladies who live independently in a woodland retreat. All too often, I find I get mislead in to seeing shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival because the poster or show title leads me to believe it is about something that it turns out to […]


Watching Glory Die is a short play based on the tragic true story of a young Canadian woman who was imprisoned for throwing apples at the postman, shockingly let down and abused by the penal system which brings about a rapid deterioration of her mental health and ultimately leads to her suicide, whilst in solitary […]

REVIEW: CRUEL INTENTIONS (Assembly George Square Gardens) ★★★★★

Based on the French novel Les Liaisons dangereuses, Cruel Intentions was released in cinemas in 1999, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reece Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. It tells the story of upper class, sex obsessed, siblings Sebastian and Kathryn who make a bet as to whether or not Sebastian can get a self proclaimed virgin until […]

REVIEW: LOBSTER (Underbelly, Bristro Square) ★★★★★

In 30 years, the cultural change in courtship has been enormous. Today, overwhelmed by technology, are we losing sight of what human connection truly is…? Based entirely on real-life experiences, this hilarious, romping, multimedia exposé of modern dating scrutinises the deeper, brutal side of love and life, challenging our preconceptions of women and dating, sex […]


Tom Houghton is playing his show What I Go To School For every day at the Pleasance Dome. Tom is a self-confessed posh twat, being in the 7% minority of people who were privately educated. His show parodies the quirks and eccentricities particular to growing up with such privilege. He also highlights how such upbringing […]

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