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REVIEW: CLEAN SLATE (Courtyard Theatre) ★★★★

Clean Slate began as Table Rase, written by Catherine Chabot and produced in Montreal in 2015. The play won the award for best new writing in Quebec in 2016. The first English language staging of the play comes to the Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton in a production by Trip & Guts Theatre, a company that […]

REVIEW: ACORN (Courtyard Theatre) ★★★★

The women in Greek mythology are often presented in extremes. Either shrieking, swathed in fury and hungry for the flesh of men or swooning, excessively beautiful and unforgivably gullible, the two archetypes struggle to mesh with our continually evolving understanding of the modern woman. Taking two of the most well-known legends, the stories of Persephone […]

REVIEW: SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD (Courtyard Theatre) ★★★★

Songs for a New World is City Academy’s first performance from their Concert Company, and what an impressive debut it is. Originally written and composed by Jason Robert Brown in 1995, Songs for a New World has been described as an ‘abstract musical’, due to its song cycle structure. Reconfigured for The Courtyard Theatre by […]

REVIEW: MACBETH (The Courtyard Theatre) ★★★

As a lass with Scottish roots I was very much looking forward to seeing the Bard’s “Scottish play” performed at The Courtyard Theatre by up-and-coming theatre company Prowl Theatre. The company chose to set the action in 2016, with a jeans, sweatshirt and boot-wearing Macbeth who was filled with paranoia and racked with guilt as […]

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