New OVALHOUSE season to include immersive experience for those with Learning Disabilities

Ovalhouse’s exciting Summer Season explores three powerful themes – migration and what it means to ‘belong’, the nature of violence in our society, and love and loss. By continuing to present challenging and inspirational theatre that speaks to a world beyond the mainstream, Ovalhouse acts as a vital home for boundary-pushing art, artists and audiences […]

REVIEW: POST (Oval House) ★★★★

This is a fun version of all those Saturday morning television cookery shows, where a chef cooks something in front of his guests before feeding them the results. In this case there were no television cameras, no well featured kitchen and positively no A lister guests. The real interest is Xavier de Sousa, a friendly, […]

REVIEW: STILL (Ovalhouse Theatre) ★★★★

In 2009 Vivian Maier died, alone, in Chicago. Among her possessions was a tea chest full of her excellent but un-viewed Chicago urban streets photographs. The pictures had been taken painstakingly over the years with her trusty Rolliflex, twin lens reflex camera. Maier had only once tried to exhibit her work, in a New York […]

REVIEW: HERE’S HOPING (Ovalhouse) ★★★

This is a thought provoking piece of theatre on the theme of hope in a seemingly hopeless world. Do we have hope, do we need hope, do we hope for the right things and do we always understand the effect of actually getting what we hope for? I personally hope that HERE’S HOPING will prove […]

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