REVIEW: HOLY CRAP (King’s Head Theatre) ★★★★

From the writers of A Slice of Saturday Night, Holy Crap is the Heather Brothers new musical comedy. The show follows the first pay-to-view religious channel gone raunchy, as Reverend Bobby De La Ray tries to escape his debts to the Mafia who are holding his mother hostage, by turning it into a porn channel […]

REVIEW: TRUMPAGEDDON (King’s Head Theatre) ★★★★

TRUMPAGEDDON was a sold out success at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe festival, back in August when the election seemed so far away. It’s back for a few more shows at The King’s Head Theatre in the run-up to election day, including election night itself. You’re invited to spend an hour with Donald Trump, to hear […]


The Chemsex Monologues was written by Patrick Cash after he had been researching the idea of Chemsex for an article he was writing and found there was very much just one side people were looking at it. Unsafe sex amongst gay men, whilst they are high on drugs. But what about the other side of […]

REVIEW: PHOEBE (Kings Head Theatre) ★★★★

Phoebe, a new play by A.C. Smith, is showing as part of Festival 46, the King’s Head’s annual celebration of new writing. George Smith directs as his showcase performance for the King’s Head Theatre’s Directing Programme. The play has been shortlisted for the King’s Head Theatre’s Adrian Pagan Award, as well as the Verity Bargate […]


For the last 200,000 years, modern day humans have lived together – steadily developing from small, tribal groups to a global, instantly accessible community. However, despite our advanced levels of connection and human interaction, we still fail to truly understand the difference between how men and women perceive the world. Might Never Happen, a bold […]

The Secret Garden

Wilma’s Rating [rating=5]   If it were possible to award this show more than 5 stars, then I would, but 5 is sadly the maximum. The most beautiful music I have heard in a long time and it amazes me, yet again, to find such a masterpiece at The Kings Head Theatre. It truly is […]

The Upstairs Room

Rating [rating=3] Reviewed by Ruthie Luff   The King’s Head Theatre in Islington opens it’s doors to the premiere of David K. O’Hara’s one-act play, The Upstairs Room.   The audience huddle in a tiny intimate space, where an array of buzzing lightbulbs hang over head from open wires, exposing a dingy, mold infested attic. […]

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