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Should actors break character to confront bad behaviour in theatre?

Yesterday, Glenn Close became the latest actor to break character during a theatre performance, to tell an audience member to stop taking pictures. Glenn Close is currently reprising her role of the iconic Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway, a role which she also played last year in London. According to news reports, Glenn […]

Theatre Etiquette: The girls who ruined THE GIRLS

Yet another blog about theatre etiquette As I sit down this morning, with a cup of tea, ready to start the day, I should be reflecting on last night’s glorious press night for Gary Barlow’s new musical THE GIRLS. Sadly, I have other things, more pressing on my mind that I need to get off […]

Have we taken Theatre Etiquette too far?

Blogs about etiquette are nothing new in the world of theatre. Talking about bad behaviour and how audience members ‘should’ behave come up every day online with disgruntled (one of my favourite words) audience members talking about what they witnessed at a show the night before. I myself am no stranger to writing these types […]

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