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Bad behaviour at the theatre, or just the way of the world today?

When you go to see a show that appeals to children, you expect to have to grin and bear the talking and kicking the back of your chair occasionally. But what you don’t expect to have to deal with is being surrounded by adults who don’t know how to behave at the theatre. What is […]

The Ruling Class – Trafalgar Studios

There is no such thing as a classless society. If Animal Farm teaches us anything, it is this: someone is always more equal than another. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle – we look down on part of society and envy another. Peter Barnes’ satire The Ruling Class explores the concept of the […]

Spamalot – Richmond Theatre

Totting it up, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve probably seen Spamalot around a hundred times over the years. That’s pretty impressive right? I think so anyway. So I was delighted to hear that after a successful revival in London’s West End last year, the show has gone back out on tour, pleasing fans […]

A Little Night Music – Palace Theatre

There was a quote in my programme for the 40th anniversary concert of ‘A Little Night Music’, which read that the show, ’takes things ‘back to basics’’. Strip away the spectacle, the set and special effects, and here we have one of the most extraordinary theatrical events that I have had the privilege to be […]

How fair is fair when reviewing a show?

I have always prided myself on being 100% honest in my reviews. Love it or hate it, I won’t sugar coat it. And from the feedback I have received from people, they value my opinion because they know if I give a good review, it really is because I liked the show/performance. Sadly, this is […]

The Girls From Oz – The Phesantry

The Girls From Oz is a trio of musical theatre gals made up of Kara Lane, Simone Craddock, and Julie Yammanee. All Australian bred, this show is packed full of patriotism for their home country, along with some witty banter and jazzy tunes on the side. Expect a mini celebration of Australia Day packed with […]

Life of Riley (Aimer, boire et chanter) – Film Review

There’s something odd about watching a film that you know is set in the rolling hills of Yorkshire, but hearing French. In fact it’s surreal. But then this whole film (directed by Alain Resnais) is surreal, with virtual reality style shots mixed with cartoon drawings and a bizarre stage-like setting for each scene. And a […]

My Night With Reg – Apollo Theatre

My Night With Reg is a comedy play about a group of gay men in the 1980’s who struggle with the death of their friends to the HIV virus. It premiered in 1994 at the Royal Court Theatre and most recently played a sold out run at the Donmar Warehouse. It is now playing a […]

When good shows go bad – theatre disasters

This week, 78 year old actor Brian Blessed collapsed on stage with a suspected heart attack at the beginning of his performance of King Lear. He returned to the stage 20 minutes later, apologised for the interruption and performed the play. This got me thinking about some of those awful things that have happened on […]

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