What’s it like at the new West End venue @sohoplace?

I remember very little about the 2005 film adaptation of Brokeback mountain, or should I say I remember very little happening.

I remember very little about the 2005 film adaptation of Brokeback mountain, or should I say I remember very little happening. Two ranch men in rural America get sent up a mountain to heard sheep and end up falling in love. Fighting against heteronormative 1960’s values, the pair go their separate ways after the job ends and do what is expected of them (get married and have children). They meet up every year or so to ‘go fishing’ until suddenly, after twenty years, they lose contact.

This play with music at the new 1970’s inspired @SohoPlace theatre is an interesting show to stage but feels like it has been done on a budget. The same set pieces rise out of the stage and lower from the ceiling in what becomes rather dull scene changes.

The story is the biggest issue. Two men suddenly have rough sex in a tent with no pre warning, flirting or suggestion that they may be attracted to each other. They fight before falling in to each others arms. Is it love or is it the human yearning for physical intimacy (and being up a mountain they are left with little choice)?

The star of this show is the band (although still confusing as some lines are pre recorded and others sung live) and the phenomenal talent that is Brit Award winning Eddi Reader on guitar and vocals. This bluesy music (written by Dan Gillespie Sells) complete with harmonica, is perfect for the time and feel of the play and a joy to listen to and watch being played.

‘Stars’ – the restaurant @SohoPlace has wonderful service but average food for the price. Steak and fries £34 which although very well cooked, seemed a little steep. The burger was (and I say this as a lover of fast food) like the poshest McDonalds I’ve ever had and very much enjoyable. I also appreciated the servers knowledge and suggestions for wines on the menu. It is worth noting that there are also more affordable options including a set menu of two courses for £20 and so there is something for everyone.

At the bar, I purchased a glass of wine but didn’t notice until after that I had been charged a whopping £17.60 – making it probably the most expensive drink I’ve ever bought in a London theatre. I’m pretty sure it must have been an over charge and not the going rate but by the time I noticed it was too late to go back and say anything. Proceed to the bar with caution!

@SohoPlace is a nice venue and for the convenience of the restaurant, I wouldn’t rule out eating there again if I were to be seeing a show. An inoffensive night out on all levels.


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