REVIEW: TOM MOLINEAUX (Jack Studio Theatre) ★★★★★

Tom Molineaux is a new play by Tom Green, which takes place in London in 1810 around a crude boxing ring. The two characters are of very different backgrounds, and spend much of the play verbally sparing with each other. The first of the two characters was the well known sportswriter, and writer on popular Victorian […]

REVIEW: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (Jack Studio Theatre) ★★★★★

Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s infamous tale has been adapted into a straight 90-minute play by Arrow and Traps Theatre, skilfully transferring the novelist’s darkness from the page to the stage and leaving us satisfyingly chilled to the bone. Set in St. Petersburg, Russia, a young, impoverished ex-student by the name of Raskolnikov finds himself contemplating the justification […]

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