REVIEW: FOUR THIEVES’ VINEGAR (Baron’s Court Theatre) ★★★★

It was 1665, the year of the Great Plague. A time when as many as a thousand people a day were dying in the streets of London. Matthias Richards paces his lonely cell in Newgate Prison. An invisible, tuneless drum, beats at a slow heartbeat pace. Matthias is a man of science and he believes […]

REVIEW: Treasure Island (St Paul’s Church) ★★★★

“You’re a pirate. Here’s your armband.” Err, no I think you’ll find it’s a bandana. With my aaaarmband (sorry) firmly tied around my head, as befitting a fierce pirate I was ready for action. Iris Theatre is always a treat for the senses and Treasure Island brought its audience something slightly different – an immersive […]


Musical, magical madness. There is no other way to describe one of Iris Theatre’s Shakespearean productions – each summer they brave all weathers to bring the bard to the people via a promenade piece. They never fail to disappoint and Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Amy Draper, is no different. Claudio and Hero fall […]

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