REVIEW: GUN METAL BLUE (Old Red Lion Theatre) ★★★★

Laura in a Night club with her on-line date, Matthew. He drinks whisky, while she, at his insistence, drinks a bright blue cocktail called a Gun Metal Blue. They are making friendly, small talk while he strokes her arms and shoulders erotically. It is the first time they have met, and now neither of their […]

REVIEW: BENIGHTED (Old Red Lion Theatre) ★★★★★

Almost 90 years after it was originally written, J. B. Priestley’s Benighted descends on London this winter for its world stage premiere. This story, adapted from the original novel, inspired countless other tales of stranded travellers, most notably The Rocky Horror Show and set a precedent for many B-movies. Nestled in the suitably shadowy attic […]

REVIEW: UGLY LOVELY (Old Red Lion Theatre)

“All we’ve got is Swansea. You haven’t got nowhere else.” Dylan Thomas described his home town of Swansea as “an ugly, lovely town, crawling, sprawling, by the side of a long and splendid curving shore”. Taking Thomas’s words for the title, Ffion Jones’s play shows us a darker side of life by the seaside, closer […]

REVIEW: UNDEREXPOSED (The Old Red Lion Theatre)

UNDEREXPOSED entails a series of 9 short plays that are framed by the idea of exploring and challenging existing stereotypes, which do not get as much attention because they are not quite as crass as those that do. We all have preconceived ideas about certain groups of people, thinking that they tend to have certain […]

REVIEW: RADIOMAN (Old Red Lion Theatre)

Last night, tucked away in a small theatre above the Old Red Lion pub, a masterpiece was unveiled. Radioman is one of the most beautiful, intelligent and innovative pieces of theatre I have seen in years. Very rarely does writing, sound, lighting and set come together so seamlessly that you don’t see them as different […]

Lardo – Old Red Lion Theatre

Now I’m going to be honest you here dear readers. I am not a wrestling fan. Now don’t get me wrong, since moving in with a boy I understand that when Brock Lesnar beat the undefeated Undertaker in last year’s WWE Wrestlemania it was A.VERY.BIG.DEAL. I suppose the theatre equivalent would be your Am-Dram fanatic […]

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