My 2016 Theatre Highlights

Last week I took a look back at the shows I said I was looking forward to seeing in 2016 and what I actually thought of them in the end. Now it is time for the obligatory end of year round up of my favourite shows from 2016. It will be unsurprising for you to […]


Jim Cartwright’s 1992 play Little Voice is famously known for the 1998 film adaption starring Jane Horrocks, Ewan McGregor and Michael Caine. It tells the story of the mouthy northerner, Mari Hoff, who lives in a derelict home and survives off of a diet of alcohol and sex. Her daughter LV (Little Voice) is a […]

Little Voice

Wilma’s Rating [rating=3] Playing this week at the New Wimbledon Theatre is The Rise and Fall of Little Voice. Based on the 1998 film starring Jane Horrocks. It tells the story of a quiet young girl who keeps her self to herself and rarely ever leaves the sanctuary of her bedroom, playing the records her […]

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