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REVIEW: Boom (Theatre 503) ★★★★

When journalism student Jo responds to a dating ad that promises ‘Sex to change the course of the world’, she thinks she’s on to a no-strings winner. However, upon meeting marine biologist Jules at his underground laboratory for a night of passion, the ad turns out to be a lot more literal than she had […]

REVIEW: PUNTS (Theatre 503) ★★★★

Punts, written by Sarah Page, finds itself in the intimate location that is Theatre 503 above the Latchmere Pub. The Latchmere serves great food, and the theatre itself benefits from tiered seating and a clear view of the stage, so we were already off to a good start. We meet Jack, a 25-year-old young man […]

PUNTS – a show that explores love in all its complex forms at THEATRE 503

You want me to have full penetrative sex with your son, right? I just wanted to, you know, check. Punts is a hilarious and moving new play by Sarah Page about a young man’s sexual awakening and its effect on those who orchestrated it. Drawn from the playwright’s interviews with sex workers, Punts – produced […]

REVIEW: THE MONKEY (Theatre 503) ★★★★

The Monkey is a dark comedy featuring four characters each of whom are habitual small time London criminals and heroine addicts. These are not addicts as normally portrayed. They do not live in squalor exactly and are quite content with their lot. They manage to steal and deal enough to live relatively comfortably. Think Friends […]


With Christmas just around the corner it looks like it’s Panto time again. Oh no it isn’t! Oh yes it is! No really, it is, and there’s no better Panto on the block than Sleeping Tree’s SCROOGE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES at Theatre 503. Josh, James and John have rented the theatre, sold the tickets, […]

REVIEW: BIT OF SUNSHINE (Theatre 503) ★★★★

Bit of Sunshine is a one character play written by and featuring the ridiculously talented Nicole Zweiback. This play was the winner of the Best Play at the Lost Theatre One Act Festival, 2016. The play concerns a gifted teenager, Kira who has an ambition to attend Oxford University. However, the eating disorder from which […]

REVIEW: BURNING BRIDGES (Theatre 503) ★★★★

Burning Bridges is Amy Shindler’s first stage play. It was written as a tribute to her mother when her mother, who was a teacher, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given just a short time to live. Amy has proved to be both a talented actor and a talented writer. In order to write the […]

REVIEW: SCREENS (Theatre 503) ★★★

Stephen Laughton, whose critically acclaimed play Run sold out at the Vaults Festival in February, is presenting his new drama Screens at Theatre 503. Laughton is trying to discuss a lot of issues in 65 minutes of performance time – identity problems of second generation immigrants, teenage violence in deprived areas of London, homophobia, BREXIT, […]

REVIEW: SCREWED (Theatre 503)

Screwed is the debut play from Kathryn O’Reilly, directed by Sarah Meadows , making its world premiere at Theatre503 in Battersea. “Live for the day – that’s us”. Luce and Charlene are the stars of this show. In their thirties, they drink, play, and party hard in between shifts at the metal factory where they […]

ROTTERDAM to play at Trafalgar Studios this summer

Following a highly successful run last autumn at Theatre503, Jon Brittain’s Rotterdam now transfers to Trafalgar Studios. Anna Martine (The Nether), Alice McCarthy (Boris: World King), Ed Eales-White (Strap In – It’s Clever Peter) and Jessica Clark (The Events) reprise their roles in this poignant and highly comic production. Alice wants to come out as […]

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