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Jelly Beans is the latest work from Kuleshov Theatre and the debut play by Dan Pick. It’s a dark, disorientating one-man play that chronicles a day in the depressing existence of an unnamed 25-year-old degenerate. However, far from an irritating millennial whinge, Jelly Beans is a nuanced cautionary tale. It explores the bleak consequences of […]

REVIEW: FOUR PLAY (Theatre 503)

Rafe and Pete, both in their mid-twenties, have been together for seven and a half years. They are content enough, even contemplating marriage, but their relationship seems to be in a rut. Could it be the lack of sexual experience with a different partner? They decide to meet up with mutual friend Michael, a handsome […]

A World Elsewhere

Think about the swinging sixties. The era of student protest and copious amounts of drugs being smoked in ratty college dorm rooms. Ladies liberated sexually and students punching the air in protest. It was also the era of half-baked ideas wrapped up in whiny folk music and falseness.   Alan Franks new play A World […]

The Life of Stuff

Wilma’s Rating [rating=3]   The Life Of Stuff is a dirty, gritty play that is not for the faint hearted. Performed at Theatre 503 (above the Latchmere pub in Clapham Juction) this intense piece of theatre is heightened by the smallest stage I have ever seen. It can’t have been more than 2×2 metres and […]

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