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REVIEW: Heroines (Theatre N16) ★★★

Heroines comes to Theatre N16 in Balham following a preview at Bromley Churchill Theatre. It’s a production from Emberfly Theatre, a collaborative company of emerging artists seeking to keep female stories front and centre. Heroines is inspired by female characters from Shakespeare’s plays, and imagines them sharing a flat in the 21st century. All these […]

REVIEW: COLDER WATER (Theatre N16) ★★★★★

Colder Water and TWIX are two stories written by the brilliant Laurie Ogden. Colder Water tells the story of a group of four young people, (Ellie, Louise, Allie and Allie’s brother James), who enter a restaurant and order two bottles of wine. Wine consumption proves a point of contention within the group because Louise, is pregnant. […]

REVIEW: KRAY KRAY (Theatre N16) ★★★★

Much like the merry murderesses in Chicago, the Kray twins have become unlikely heroes of the East End. Schmoozing with starlets, admired and feared by everyone, their names are synonymous with a different type of legend. Following the Kemp brothers’ portrayal in the 1990 film The Krays and more recently Tom Hardy’s in Legend (2015), […]

KRAY KRAY a new play comes to Theatre N16

“You wanna make a film about gangsters? We’ve got a good story. Listen to this!” Ronnie and Reggie Kray were two of London’s most notorious gangsters. Basing their image and entire way of life around the iconic American gangster movies and the more classic Dickens ‘baddies’, the Kray twins managed to maintain a successful and […]

REVIEW: GIRL VS DATING (Theatre N16) ★★★★

A story about online dating comes to Theatre N16 Girl vs Dating is a 30 minute short play, written by and starring Laura Dean about the perils of online dating. It’s the second production from Mull it Over and can be seen at Theatre N16 in Balham until 26 February. The play follows one young […]

SWIFTIES – A play about Taylor Swift, Instagram and having no money

Swifties is a bold new adaptation of Jean Genet’s play The Maids, exploring the alienating and destructive effect that poverty, celebrity fetishism and social media can have on the lives of normal people. Swifties is written by Tom Stenton and directed by Luke Davies (The Chemsex Monologues, The HIV Monologues). Yasmin and Nina work in […]

REVIEW: UNDEAD BARD (Theatre N16) ★★★

Well, this was certainly a unique piece of theatre! Robert Crighton’s self-performed one-man show is a play of two halves, exploring the afterlife of William Shakespeare in all of its pantomime and woes. The first half, ‘The Shakespeare Delusion’, provoked laughter from the audience within seconds, continuing at this comedic pace throughout. Professor Ashborn, an […]

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