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REVIEW: How To Be A Girl (Theatre Utopia) ★★★★

How To Be A Girl starts with nine young girls, power dressed in black trousers suits. All appear to be in the fifteen to seventeen year old age group, though I am no expert. Together they form a kind of oral representation of a typical girls’ fashion/gossip magazine. Except for the new Editor, the girls act […]

REVIEW: THE BACON KILLER (Theatre Utopia) ★★★

Set in a New York Police Department precinct house in the 1980’s, two intrepid murder squad police officers, Dick Whittington and Kimberly, are on the hunt for a dangerous cop killer. The play is full of eighties US cop show bon ami and buddy buddy movie banter. It is a fast paced Starsky and Hutch for […]

REVIEW: POSSIBILITIES (Theatre Utopia) ★★★★

This performance is the second production by the Misprint Theatre which comprises Katherine Carlton and Jamal Chong, both of whom are credited with sharing the writing of the Possibilities script as well as starring in the play. Jamal is also credited with actually owning the Theatre Utopia building. This is a short play lasting less than […]

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